You’ve found yourself in a maze filled with mystery and danger. Fearsome elemental beings of fire, water, air, and earth wander the corridors. Make your way past these beasts as you explore a dark and unforgiving labyrinth. Use light to your advantage when confronting your terrors. Be careful. If you encounter too much fear, you may just go insane. After all, it's not your body you need to worry about, its the state of your mind. 

In this first-person horror game, players must explore a maze while running from, sneaking around, or fighting elemental monsters. If you are concerned about your sanity, you may want to reconsider directly challenging one of these terrors. If you do, you may find that light can be your greatest strength.
When battling an enemy, players enter a unique battle area that changes according to the brightness of your surroundings. Once the battle has started, there’s no way out. Fight whatever terrors lurk in the arena and you will be free to return to the maze. If you lose, your sanity will suffer. With no more sanity, there is no hope of escape.
If killing your enemy frees you from the arena, there may be an enemy that can free you from the labyrinth entirely. It would be no small task to find and slay such a beast.
Good luck.

Austin Abrams - Screens and Dungeon Assets (Maze, Enemy Models and animations, Screens)

Zhichun Yao - System Logic, and Character Data Design

Ryan Kelley -  Sound, HUD Design, Additional Modeling and Design

Jacob Dixey - Systems programming, Gameplay Development, Extra Art and Animations, Asset Implementation

Made withUnity